Innovative Panel, ISA 2011

This past March at the annual ISA convention in Montreal, the FPA section sponsored an innovative panel entitled “Meeting of the Minds: Expanding Foreign Policy Analysis Scholarship.” The intent of the panel was to facilitate the advancement of FPA scholarship to include broader geographical and policy areas. The invited panelists spoke about advancements they would like to see and then audience members joined in for a fruitful discussion of underrepresented and/or promising research areas and ways we can work to facilitate and promote research in those areas. The following is a list of said areas:

Foreign policies of non-state actors (NGOs, transnationals, etc.)

Economic and financial policy

Environmental and energy policy

Migration policy

Development policy and IPE

Public and social policy (i.e., human rights)

Poliheuristic theory

Ideational theory

Policies of non-democratic states

Media policy

Policies in the Global South

Foreign policy’s affect on domestic politics

Other underrepresented research includes:

Cross-cultural work

Academic and policy synthesis studies (with the “real world” and diplomatic studies)

Synthetic pieces and more integration

Collaborative work

Comparative work

Non-sectoral analyses

The FPA section encourages research in these areas and would like to help facilitate collaboration and the sharing of ideas, especially between those that may be regional or policy specialists and FPA scholars. To this end, it is our hope that this blog can be used as a place to post research ideas you may have or questions about particular studies or scholars that could assist your work, or to find another scholar interested in working on a project with you. To begin, below is a list of scholars that were either panelists or audience members at the innovative panel as well as their research areas and contact information. Please feel free to contact them and especially to add your name and information to the list!!

To provide some added incentive, Cooper Drury, editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy Analysis, supports this endeavor and looks forward to receiving related submissions that are theoretically and empirical driven. While all submissions will be subject to FPA’s regular peer-review process, if enough submissions are accepted it would be possible to have a special edition devoted to articles that focus on said underrepresented research areas (or others). If you choose to submit and would like to be considered part of a larger edition, please mention it in your cover letter.

 Panel Participants
Amy BelowOregon State University

Environmental/energy foreign policyLatin American foreign policy
Jacqueline Braveboy-WagnerThe City College of New York

Small states foreign policyCaribbean foreign policy

Global South

Patrick JamesUniversity of Southern California

International conflictRational choice

Canadian foreign policy

Jarrod HayesGeorgia Tech

International security policyEuropean and Asian foreign policy
Jerel RosatiUniversity of South Carolina

US foreign policy making
 Invited Panelists Not in Attendance
Germain Ngoie TshibambeUniversity of Lubumbashi

African foreign policy and migration
Qingmin ZhangPeking University

Chinese foreign policy
Other Participants
James Soviet/Russian foreign policyEnergy

Man-milieu relationship

Clifford E. Caribbean/Latin America foreign policySecurity, migration, regional integration
Imad MansourMcGill University Middle Eastern foreign policy
Paul American foreign policy/diplomacy
Jason Foreign policies of developing and post-communist states
Jenifer Whitten-WoodringUniversity of Massachusetts, Lowell

Media policies/international  communicationRepression/protest nexus
Yixiao ZhengLondon School of Economics

Chinese foreign policy

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