Greetings.  This is the blog for the Foreign Policy Analysis Section of the International Studies Association.   The section’s main purpose is to facilitate teaching and research on foreign policy.  The ISA website has a page for the FPA section which provides basic information about the section, its officers, events, and the like.  This blog will be more dynamic and interactive.  We expect it to play two main roles:

  1. The blog’s  primary role is to help members coordinate their efforts.   For instance, this would be the right place to post requests for additional paper-givers, chairs and discussants as one is putting together a panel for the ISA or another conference.
  2. A second role is to generate conversations among FPA scholars in between the various meetings.  The officers will occasionally post ideas or ask questions about our field of study or point towards issues, articles and books that might be of use as we teach and research in this area.

Because we are just starting the blog, comments will be moderated–vetted to keep only that which is relevant for this blog.   Steve Saideman, an officer of the section, will serve as the moderator.   If you have questions or suggestions, please contact him at steve.saideman@mcgill.ca.